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teenRating Resources

A student information scientist develops skills in rating resources through gaining experiences in varied information inquiry situations. The scientist might ask him or herself the following questions:

Becoming proficient at rating resources is associated with the following Information Literacy Standards (AASL, 1998):

The following example demonstrates how a student matures as he or she gains experience and expertise.

Diabetes Research

diabetes researchBeginning information scientists may use a variety of information resources, but may not realize the power of building connections among authoritative sources. For example, a student is investigating the questions, “What progress is being made in a cure for diabetes? Is there likely to be a cure for diabetes in my lifetime?”

A novice may get caught up in the many personal websites on the topic and miss the foundational articles in the discipline.

A mature student scientist will use authoritative websites such as the American Diabetes Association to seek reoccurring references that can be used to establish the timeline of events, relationships among key people and events, and current relevant issues.

Explore Miranda's investigation for more detail.

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