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JapanTeaching and Learning Strategies

How we teach is as important as what we teach. You may have heard this phrase before, but it's true.

The primary goal of the library media program is to support teaching and learning. A child-centered approach focuses on providing a rich learning environment where students can construct knowledge, conduct inquiry, and make authentic connections while addressing essential learning standards. According to Information Power (1998, p. 59), "a professional school library media specialist is essential to create a dynamic program that challenges students to create personal meaning from information and to participate in a collaborative culture of learning."

According to Information Power, "Effective teaching is today seen as a holistic process involving all aspects of student life and requiring continual assessment and feedback for meaningful learning" (p.v)

The Information Power document outlines ten principles called the Learning and Teaching Principles of School Library Media Programs. These ten principles demand that a library media specialist be a strong teacher, instructional partner, informational specialist, and program administrator.

eye means readRead Chapter 4: Learning and Teaching in Information Power (1998, p. 58-82) to explore the ten principles.

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