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student workingThe assignment dictates the task for the student. It also defines the parameters and identifies what will be valued.

The school library media specialist plays an important role in working with teachers to design effective activites that help young people acquire and apply subject area knowledge as well as essential inquiry skills.

Increasingly, teachers are concerned about student cheating particularly with technology. A quality assignment can eliminate these worries.

In the chapter Empowered Learning in Curriculum Connections through the Library edited by Stripling and Hughes-Hassell, Violet H. Harada (2003, p. 54) describes the work of Wehlage et al (1996) indicating that learning environments that result in significant achievement contain the following three attributes:

Some students aren't aware of the direct connection between their efforts on assignments and learning. It's important to reinforce effort.

eye means readRead Reinforcing Effort from NETC.

eye means readRead Student Cheating with Technology by Elizabeth Marcoux in Teacher Librarian (October 2010). IUPUI login required.

eye means readRead Key Word: Assignment in THE BLUE BOOK by Callison and Preddy, 279-284.

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