Visual Communication

Use technology to communicate visually. For many students with special needs, visual communication is an important means of sharing understanding. Use visual tools suchas Inspiration, Kidspiration, KidPix, and others to encourage students to share visually. Kidspiration and KidPix also have auditory elements that allow students to record their voice.

Activity 1: Explore Ideas for Inspiration and Kidspiration.
Problem Solving w/ WebQuests
Information Processing
Authentic Activities
Visual Communication
Text Communication
Writing Activities
Book-Internet Connections
Integrating Technology
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Activity 2: Explore Ideas for KidPix.
Activity 3: Manipulate a Visual
Create an activity where students manipulate a visual created in KidPix.
Activity 4: Expand a Visual
Give students a visual and ask them to add to it in some way. Or expand an idea using Inspiration or Kidspiration.
Activity 5: Create a Visual
Provide students with tools and ask them to create a visual. How will you assess this image?

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