Book-Internet Connections
Explore ways to use books as a focal point in your classroom. For example, start with a picture book or historical fiction book that you normally use in your classroom. Then, brainstorm topics that might interest students and fit with a particular core concept.
Check out the Book Adventure website for book quizzes.
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Book-Internet Connections
Integrating Technology
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Activity 1: Book-based Webquests

Explore WebQuests based on books and authors. Check out Literature-Based Webquests, Reading Book Units, and Book and Lit Webquests.
Activity 2: Books and Internet Lessons Ideas
Explore lessons that connect books and Internet resources.

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SCORE CyberGuides

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Little Planet

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Tech-Literacy Curriculum

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KidReach - Guides

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Random House

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Carol Hurst

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Web English Teacher

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Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site


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High School Hub - English


Bibliomania - online books/guides

Internet List

SparkNote - quick guides

Activity 3: Create Book and Internet Connections
Use the Build Your Own Ladder project to create book connections.
Activity 4: ThinkQuest Student Projects
Explore student projects based on literature.

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