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Visual Literacy Using Web-based Photo Resources
Pick a Photo to "Read"
Try one of the following 3 activities that promote "visual reading".
Pick a Photo to "Interpret"
Try one of the following 2 activities related to interpreting visuals:
Pick a Photo to "Apply or Use"
Try some of the follow visual sources (Google Images, FreeFoto, Peace Gallery, Yahoo Gallery) and design an activity. Create an assignment that asks students to select, organize, arrange, label, or tell a story using visuals. For example, students might create a photo essay or collage. They might also describe the place or make comparisons.
Pick a Photo to "Design"
Practice your design skills by cropping, extracting, modifying, or transforming an existing visual. Use Google Images or Yahoo Gallery to find a photo. Try one of the following ideas:
  • Combine photos together
    • Find a career photo and add your head.
    • Put yourself into a historical photo
    • Find a photo of a place you'd like to travel and add your picture to the scene.
  • Choose one new imaging tool menu item to learn and incorporate it into an activity such as brightness, contrast, cropping, or filters.
  • Explore file formats and resizing options.
  • Make a new photo look old or an old photo look new
Practice Composing
Try the following activities to promote quality photo composition:
  • Select a photo and brainstorm all the different photos that could be taken with a single subject
  • Use a transparency frame to practice composing pictures
  • Keep a log of pictures that have been taken and review the log after viewing the pictures
  • Brainstorm groups that might work together on digital camera projects
Activity 1
Activity 2
Activity 3
Activity 4
Activity 5

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