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Use Visual Mapping and Imaging Software
Visual Mapping with Inspiration and Kidspiration
Use the photo sites to locate a photo that could serve as the focus of an activity. Copy and paste the photo into the main idea of the Kidspiration or Inspiration page. Develop the activity in Kidspiration or Inspiration.
  • Download a trail version of Inspiration or Kidspiration.
  • Learn more about visual learning
  • Explore the templates in Inspiration and Kidspiration.
  • Adapt a template for your own activity.
  • Use visual mapping to organize ideas visually: categorize, Venn Diagrams, cause/effect, before/after
  • Check out Kidspiration Projects
Explore online tips, techniques, and tutorials for using Photoshop.
Prompts and Starters
Create activities that include prompts or starters. Start with a children's book, an event, a nonfiction book, or a newspaper article.


Draw and Paint Software
Try one of the following ideas. Create your own activity:
  • Create a visual field trip: use drawings, maps, directions, and highlights
  • Create drawings of Native American rugs, ancient pottery, or other artifacts.
KidPix Software
Explore the many things you can do with KidPix, KidWorks, and other visual packages for kids. You might also try doing a search for the name of the software, a topic, and the word activity. For example, go to Google and search (Kidpix plants projects). Select an idea and repurpose it for your class. Try the activity yourself as a model and share your results.
Choose Your Favorite Activity
Build a Lesson or Activity Page
Explore some examples of digital camera lessons at the bottom of the photography page. Take your favorite activity or idea from the workshop and create a lesson page that you and other teachers can use. Or, create an activity/assignment page for children. You can include a title, picture, text, and links! Go to Web Worksheet Wizard and follow the directions.
Activity 1
Activity 2
Activity 3
Activity 4
Activity 5

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