A Dozen Hidden Treasures

Let's explore a dozen lesser-known Google resources:

  1. Google Panoramio. This tool connects Google Maps with great photographs. Search for a place and see photos. Check out the contest winners. Learn about the science of a particular place. Use the photo to jumpstart discussion.
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  2. Hotel Finder and Google Flight. Again, connect Google Maps with interesting tools. Take a trip to four related locations such as four volcanoes, four football stadiums, or four caves. Make the locations. Provide descriptions. Determine the distances and costs to drive. 
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  3. Google Finance. Learn about what's happening in the financial world. Also track domestic trends.
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  4. Google Elections. Find up-to-date information about the US Elections.
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  5. Google Art Project. Explore art projects, conduct image searches, try a museum street view, and maps.
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  6. Google Scholar. Search for articles and links to citations.
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  7. Google Global. Explore global issues and languages through google searches around the world. Conduct a Global Insight search.
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  8. Google Translate. Use Google Translate. Or, try going to a website in another language and use the automatic page translator. Involve students in searching for infographics in other language. Then, translate by hand or use the translator for help.
  9. Google Data. Public data is just one of the many Google products that let's users example data in different ways.
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  10. Google Projects. Google has a philanthropic arm that involved with lots of programs worldwide.
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  11. Gooru. This new Google project focuses on educational resources.
  12. Google Science Fair. This is one of many fairs and contests supported by Google.

Classic Hidden Treasure

In addition to all the new tools. Remember that there are many hidden tools available for searching. To find a master list, go to Google Inside Search.

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