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Take photographs to serve as a visual record of people, places, things, activities, or ideas.




From basketballs to national monuments there are billions of objects you can photograph. When photographing objects it’s often helpful to provide the context of the thing. Is the lion in the wild or in the zoo? Is the tire on a swing or on a car? Also, it’s sometimes difficult to see the size of the object. Place a coin, ruler, or person in the photo so viewers can see the relative size of the insect or plant.


Consider taking photos of events such as demonstrations, sporting events, or speakers. If there’s lots of action, you may need to take many photos to get a quality shot. You may even need to “pose” photographs after the event. In other words, have people recreate their action and stop for the photograph.


Is it possible to take a photograph of an idea? Can you photograph a thought or emotion? Can you express irony, fear, or happiness in a photo? Try it! Many of the most interesting photographs come from careful composition. Other wonderful visuals happen spontaneously. Be on the lookout for the following situations that make good “idea” photos.

Digital Photography Across the Curriculum


Communication Arts (Reading, Writing)



Physical Education

Social Studies

School-wide Ideas

Digital Collections Project Ideas

You don’t always need to create your own photos. Consider using online digital collections. From art to history, there are many collections already available for you and your students to use. Whenever you use resources found on the Internet, be sure to check the copyright issues. If you’re going to simply use them in class projects, all you need to do is cite the source. If you plan to use them outside your classroom such as science, history, or media fair projects, check on whether you need permissions or a specific type of citation.

Photos of People

Photographs of people are useful in many projects.

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Try It! Design an Activity
Explore the project ideas above.
Think about ways that you can integrated visual resources into teaching and learning.
Option 1: Design a new assignment.
Option 2: Reimagine an existing assignment.
Create a sample project.

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