Meeting the Needs of All Students
Success through Differentiation & Technology

laptop and computer

Each teacher is unique and each child is unique. Use techology to help you differentiate the learning environment.

The resources in this web project are intended to help educators develop effective materials to meet the needs of all of their students.

If you're taking this workshop for IUPUI graduate credit, check out the following course materials:


Conference Starters

Starter 1: Discussion Forum

Let's use a threaded discussion to share ideas. This will also be used for the optional course.

  • Go to
  • Join a class.
  • Enter class key - EZ2073Z284
  • Create a username/password.
  • Log in. Click Conferencing.
  • Add to the ICE discussion.

Starter 2: Six Super Sites and Blog

Let's start with six super sites:

  1. BBC Schools and BBC Learning
  2. Enature
  3. Marcopolo: ArtsEdge, EconEdLink, EdSiteMent, Illuminations, ReadWriteThink, Science NetLinks, Xpeditions.
  4. PBS and PBSkids
  5. Scholastic Activities
  6. The Gateway to Educational Materials

Go to Examine the postings. Then, share your favorite educational website.


What's differentiation? How can discussion forums and blogs be used to differentiate the learning environment?

Created by Annette Lamb, 1/05.