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PIE: Professional Development and Internet
Professional Connections
Many of the resources discussed in this workshop can be found elsewhere on this website. Check out the following areas: - - Teacher Tap Professional Development for Teachers - 42eXplore project
What's for Dessert?
  • Do you have a zillion hours of credit, but still don't feel confident with technology integration, standards, inclusion…?
  • Do you know what to do, but can't find the time?
  • Do you want to skip the meal (lecture) and go right for dessert (good stuff)?
This workshop will provide you will something healthy, something fun, something unique.... Internet PIE.
Tools for Teachers
  • Make connections with other teachers
  • Find information about profession
  • Locate innovative teaching ideas
  • Identify help with technology
  • Buy online
  • Find cool websites!
Get Organized
Before you get started, get organized. A little organizing time saves time! If you have five or ten minutes of quiet time to do some search, make the time count. Keep an email folder of websites people have sent you, so they'll be ready when you have a change to explore.
  • Build a web folder or notebook
  • Create bookmarks
  • Develop a personal web page
Education Resources
There are many good places for educators to start. You'll want to bookmark some of your favorites. As you evaluate these sites, ask yourself: Who is the sponsor? Are they selling or sharing? Is the site for teachers or everyone? What purpose will it serve? Before starting your exploration, create a list of the units and lessons you teach during the year. What needs to be updated? Where do you need some excitement? Use these areas as the focus for your exploration.
Links to Good General Education Resources - best place to start for quality Internet resources for teachers and students - super for all areas of curriculum, lesson planning, and article - popular search engine - museum of science
Education Journals
Many educational journals and magazines are available online. Look for print and ezine versions.
Links to educational journals online
Professional Organizations
You probably can't afford to join every national or state organization in your field, but you can use the online resources to keep in touch. You can find, National Associations, General Education Associations, Subject Area Organizations, and Grade Level Groups.
Links to Organizations
Education Agencies
Many agencies are available on the Internet including local, state/province, regional, national, and international.
Links to agencies - US Dept of Ed - Georgia - Utah - California - social studies - history - history - math - speech,1876,41421-144279-44-22101,00.html
Professional Connections
A great way to learn is through online connections. You can use email, mailing lists, forums, chat, or video conferencing as a means of communication.
Links to connections - start here! - best for elementary/middle grade teachers - experts
Big Ideas
Do you have a question about an educational issue, standards, or awards? Check out the following websites.

Links to "big idea resources" - issues articles (great for education courses) - standards starter
If you don't write a grant, you won't get a grant! Learn how to find and write grants.
Links to grant sites - good place to start - get on their mailing list

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