A Pigeon Approach to Keeping It Simple
What books do you currently use in your classroom? Create a list of titles and authors.
Start with those books you enjoy and look for ways to expand the resources you currently use.
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Book Exploration
Explore online resources on popular children's books:
Author Exploration
Explore popular children's author resources. Be sure to check Jan Brett's and Will Hobb's sites.
Lesson Plan Exploration
Explore lesson plan resources. Do a search for the title of your book or author.
Explore Online Book Reviews
Review the following websites that post student book reviews. Discuss the pros and cons of using and/or adding to this web project.
Click Pigeon 1 to explore the links on the handout including the Legend of the Bluebonnet.

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Created by Annette Lamb, 6/01. Updated 5/04.