Teacher Tap


Download and edit a series of Scratch projects as an introduction to Scratch programming.

If you need handouts, download the WORD or PDF version of the handout.

helicopterArrow Control Remix

Dialogue Tutorial

Drag and Drop

Background Change Remix

More Practice

Reusable Objects
Rather than starting from scratch, try using reusable objects. Explore the following ideas:

Beginning Projects
Start thinking about the types of activities that would work well as beginning activities. Explore the following ideas:

Sharing Student Projects
As students create projects, think about how they can be shared.

Visual Resources

Explore the following resources that can be used in student projects. Consider designing a project around a visual resources so students don't get bogged down in trying to locate resources. Also, remember that you can do an advanced search in tools such as Flickr and Google Images for public domain images and Creative Commons licenses.

The easiest place to start your search is at Wikimedia Commonsand Open Clip Art Library.

Clip Art Sources

Photograph Sources

Scratch How-Do's

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