Teacher Tap

Explore and Evaluate

The Scratch Gallery provides sets of projects on related topics. Explore the Featured projects for lots of great ideas. Participate in a Design Studio project. You can create your own gallery for your student projects.

The Scratch website runs best with Safari on the Mac.

Content Area Projects

Choose a subject area of interest. Explore at least three projects. Then, download a project and examine the code.

Art and Music

Learn about Calligraphy. Then try creating your own at Calligraphy.

Listen to the work of Sousa, then learn more about him at Sousa.

Computer Science

Find out whether you're a Scratcher. Take the What Scratcher Are You? quiz.

Language Arts, Literature, and Languages

Learn about Haiku. Then, explore Haiku: Nerd and Haiku: Octopus. Build your own poetry haiku in Scratch.


Read about the Fibonacci Number. Then, explore the Geometry in Nature student project.


Go to Honors Chemistry and explore the online course materials. Then, explore the Build-a-Bohr Workshop.

Social Studies

Read about political qualifications. Then, find out if you're qualified. Go to Political Qualifications.

Educational Galleries

School Club Projects

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