Volume 2, Number 3

A Free Online Resource for Active Technology Using Educators

Fall 2002

Stellar Classroom Presentations:
Promoting Active Thinking, Interaction, & Meaningful Learning
Annette Lamb
Spinning graphics, bizarre sounds, and wild transitions are popular ways to spice up traditional lectures or boring slide shows, but they're not the best way to promote critical and creative thinking. Instead, engage your students through effective instructional strategies.
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PowerPoint presentations are plentiful in today's classrooms. Are yours stagnant or stellar? You don't need "bells and whistles" to produce a powerful presentation. Instead, you need an essential question, quality content, and motivating teaching strategies. This workshop focuses on the design and development of stellar presentations that promote active thinking, interaction, and meaningful learning.

 Created by Annette Lamb, 02/02. Updated 11/03.