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The Community: Teasdale, Utah -
People and History

Teasdale was established at the intersection of Bullberry Creek and the Fremont River. Named after George Teasdale, a Mormon church apostle and pioneer, the community was initially established in 1870.

Community Park Project

During the past several years, community members have been working on the Teasdale Park including the addition of a pavilion, athletic field, playground equipment, and trees. Each Spring and Fall, a park day is used to work on the park. In addition, fund raisers such as the farmer's market and community garage sale are used to raise money.

Check out our Teasdale Park and Cleanup Days pages for (2007) and (2008).


Historical Sites

Nielson Grist Mill. Danish miller Hans Peter Nielson built the mill in 1883 and rebuilt it again in 1890 after it burned down. The gristmill contains 16 elevators and 5 reels for milling flour. The mill was in operation until 1935.

Teasdale Cultural Hall. Built in 1917 using local red rock, the roof is models after the Salt Lake Tabernacle.

The History

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