Transmedia Time: Synergy through Storytelling, Social Technology, Multimedia, & Gaming

Discover practical ways educators can build technology-rich, fluid environments for learning using existing online content, resources, and tools. Create compelling, cohesive and convincing experiences that motivate students and address key subject area standards and 21st century skills. By matching realistic content and meaningful contexts with multi-platform communication, teachers can use technology to transform classroom assignments and assessments. Explore tons of examples you can use in your classroom today!

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Technology is slowly changing how students construct knowledge and communicate their ideas. Explore the next generation of textbooks, E.O. Wilson's Life on Earth for the iPad. These new resources bring all the various elements of technology together including media, interactives, and real-world connections.

The Harry Potter books have been enhanced to include interactive stories, extended experiences, games, social networks, and collaborative storytelling through a website called Pottermore.

Transmedia environments bring the various elements of technology together including digital storytelling, social technology, interactive multimedia, and gaming elements to create synergy... more than could be done with any single medium.

The Magnificent 12 is a book series that connects a print book with online resources to extend and enrich the experience.

Some interactive books have these features incorporated. March of the Dinosaurs includes a story approach along with video, animation, sounds, fact files, and links to outside resources such as Wolfram Alpha.

Is this combination of technology elements integral or incidental to learning? Why?

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