Update: December 2003

Blake's Graduation

We began December at the cabin in Hollister Missouri. The second week in December we headed to Charleston, Illinois for Blake's Graduation from Eastern Illinois University. We have a whole page on this event, so check out Blake's Graduation for more photos.

The photograph below shows (clockwise) Blake, Larry, Brooke, Ben, and Annette at the house in Charleston after graduation.

Blake, Lary, Brooke, Ben, Annette

Early Christmas in Illinois

In Illinois for several days, we based ourselves at Sylvester's house (Larry's dad). While there, we did have time to play a few games, watch movies, and enjoy some good meals together. On one day, Annette baked a lemon cake and we had a late birthday celebration - - Sylvester had turned 84 years old a few days before we arrived. Larry's dad (below left) seems to be getting along fine living in the house on his own. However, he does gets lonely and seems to really enjoy having visitors. He got to share in the kids unwrapping their Christmas presents and even had a few of his own to open. Check out Christmas in Illinois for more photos.

SylvesterLarry & Annette


Pre-Christmas in Branson

Blake and Annette with JeepBlake and Ben came to the cabin in Hollister the week before Christmas. They drove Blake's new Jeep. Ben drives a Cherokee. We bought our Wrangler last year, so with the exception of Brooke's new Cougar - - we are almost an all-Jeep family.

We have a tradition of going to lots of movies during the holidays. We went to Lord of the Rings at the IMAX. We also went to The Last Samurai.

Shopping at the outlet malls was our other adventure, along with a trip to Deluxe BBQ for some energy food.

The days flew by quickly and all to soon, the boys were back on the road to Illinois.



Ben and Blake with red jeep

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