Naturescapes is a web project that provides multilevel, informational readings, resources, and activities related to nature including plants, animals, and habitats.

Natural areas are an important part of our world. As we visit and revisit interesting natural environments, you'll see this website grow. All of the information and photographs within naturescapes were created by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson during their explorations. Visit regularly for exciting updates.

Living Things - explores animals, plants, and other living things.

Living Spaces - explores natural spaces including land forms, water-related forms, weather, natural forces, and habitats.

Living Together - explores how people, plants, and animals share the world.

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Go to Video & Image Starter Resources. These will help you build your own nature projects!
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A dozen simple WebQuests with resources for different reading levels.

Developed by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, 6/99. Updated 7/04.

All photographs were taken by Annette and Larry. Students and teachers have permission to use them in classroom activities as long as the website is cited. All other rights are reserved.