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blogsBlogs are web logs that arrange postings (i.e., text, graphics, audio, video entries) in reverse chronological order. Generally a single author or team of authors post messages and encourage people to add comments. Blogs are a one-to-many type of communication space. They’re a great place to journal, log ideas, and gather reactions.

Over the past several year, personal and collaborative broadcasting has exploded in popularity. Just a few years ago, blogs were predominately a text-based media. Today, blogging has expanding to include audio and video content. Many phrases have been created based on the word blog. For example, a mobile blog is called a moblog and involves using your smart cell phone for taking photos, recording text entries, and uploading to web space. A blog highlighting photographs is called photoblog.

Beyond the Text Blog

When you combine the visual aspects of scrapbooking with the power of commenting in blogs, you get a ScrapBlog! Although you could probably use any blogging software to share your visuals, the great thing about ScrapBlog is that it uses free online software for making the scrapbook pages. This free resource is very new, so it's a good idea to print your scrapblog in case anything happens to the website in the future. Explore some examples: Annette and Larry's Scrapbook, Escrapbooking Ideas.

Project Example. Create a ScrapBlog for a book. Include photographs and other visuals that represent how you visualize the book. If they were going to create a movie based on this book, what locations, costumes, actors, and other information would you "pitch" to a potential movie producer? Then, ask your peers if they agree or disagree with your choices? What would they recommend?

Check out the blog lingo.

Access & Getting Started


Multimedia Blogs - Podcasts to Vodcasts

Explore examples of blogs, podcasts, and vodcasts. If you want to see more, go to Blogs and Blogging.

Background Skills and Issues

Information Skills

What advice would you give to student bloggers? Create a list of guidelines for evaluating student postings or comments to a blog. What makes a quality student posting? Why? How do the expectations change as students mature as bloggers? For ideas, go to Guidance and Assessment.


Use a service such as Blogger or Edublogs to create your own blog!

Content Area Applications, Assignments, Assessments

Go to eduscapes bloglines. Select a web feed you think might be useful. How could this web feed be used in teaching and learning? Choose one of the key words from Blogging: Blog in Teaching and Learning.

Go to Blog Posting Starters. Explore ways to kick off blog discussion. Design a blog starter.

Go to Learning Blogs - The Activities. Explore the options. Design a blog-based activity you could do with students.

Go to Learning Blogs - The Approaches. Explore the approaches you can take to blogging with young people.

Learn more at Escrapbooking: Blogging or High Tech Learning: Blogging.

Find award winning educational blogs at The Edublog Awards.

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