Teacher Tap

Bring your class assignments, student projects, and course materials alive with 21st century approaches to communication. Produce graphic novels, illuminated term papers, visual science reports, photo essays, and other engaging alternatives to traditional reports and student products. These concrete products reflect student understanding and provide an alternative to traditional forms of assessment.

Click on each of the VISUALS below to see examples of how products change when the emphasis is moved from traditional assignments to ones that emphasize communicating deep understandings.

Illuminate convey retell experience imagine immerse connect express move trace analyze debunk teach show demonstrate explain experiment introduce visualize dialog extend announce process reflect stir influence change impact support show promote convince document

The Tools. Many tools can be used to create great project. The examples above were created using Comic Life software however traditional tools such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint or new tools such as Glogster could also be used. Many online tools such as Make Beliefs Comix and Toon Books provide simple creators.

Thanks to the many teachers and students who contributed their comics for this project.

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