Artemis Project

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Whether building Star Trek models or gluing stars to my bedroom ceiling, I was obsessed with both science fiction and space science. In the 1960s, the Apollo Project jumpstarted by enthusiasm for space science.

To learn more about the Apollo Project, go to NASA: Apollo Missions.

The Photo Collage

My sister Allison Smith King and I have spent November 15-16, 2022 geeking out over the Artemis Project launch, so I decided to create a photo collage to express my enthusiasm.

The NASA photos represent the anticipation, the blastoff, and the success. The Stephen Hawking quote reflects our shared passion for reaching beyond the Earth in search of knowledge.

To learn more about the Artemis Project, go to NASA: Artemis Project.

Photo Credits: NASA
Quote: Stephen Hawking

Artemis Collage
Artemis Collage