Chopsticks is a YA novel that includes illustrations and photos and online components.Watch the YouTube Trailer. Also check out the Spotify playlist. Also check out the website that includes lots of multimedia resources.

Let's explore ways that interactive multimedia can contribute to a transmedia experience through images, audio, video, and text.


Use tools like Pinterest to collect and organize images.

Go to the NYPL Picture of the Day or Smithsonian. Think about how you could provide images to jumpstart student writing. Or, how students could create pages to expand their writing.

Some digital collections like Ohio Memory offer an exhibit creator to store and organize digital images.

Start at Flickr Creative Commons and Wikimedia Commons. Check out the National Archives collections page.

Check Flickr the Commons for large-scale imaging projects from museums and libraries

US Government Resources

Global Government Resources

General Photos



The enhanced e-book Gift by Andrea J. Buchanan is a young adult novel that incorporates original music with a graphic novel and journal format. Check out the Facebook page.

Booktrack is a company that creates soundtracks for books.

Read The Soundtrack of Our Books to learn how some authors are connecting music with their works.

Spotify is a tool for creating playlists you can share with others. The downside is that it involved a download. After downloading, you can create or download playlists.

Explore the author's letter writing challenge. Read Letter Writing Mix on Spotify to learn how music could be added to the experience. Listen to the play list. Write your own letter. She created a website for information and a Facebook for sharing.

Explore other examples of playlists to go with novel go to the Note Books blog.

Free Stock Music, Free Music Archive, Live Music Archive, a great place to fine music to connect with books. Also check 100 Online Sources for Free and Legal Music Downloads.

You can create music with tools like Garage Band. Use online tools like Musicshake.

Wikipedia has a great list of songs that retell a work of literature. Make a comparison.


Watch author interviews:

Students can use tools like Glogster to embed video into their author study.

Explore online storytelling websites:

Involve students in weaving video into their projects.

Start students with a Scientist in the Field book like The Frog Scientist. Then, ask them to create their own scientist book. Go to Arkive to explore text, graphics, and video about animals. You can also connect with Google Earth and make your own MyArkive.

Use a content curator like Pinterest to organize materials including images and links. Explore the Marco Polo starter.

Go to Ms. Wilson's 5th Grade "Stories of our Lives" to view digital stories crafted by students.


Google Books are a great way to start.

Use Underwear! by Mary Elise Monsell (preview on Google Books) to provide a story starter.

Use Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French (preview on Google Books) to get students thinking about their own animal diary.