Transmedia Time: conclusion

Whether you want to use existing resources, create your own, or get students involved in building transmedia experiences, there are lots of options.

The Genius FilesStart small. Begin with a book connection. Read The Genius Files by Dan Gutman at Google Books (the first couple chapters are online). Take a cross country RV trip with the characters. The introduction to the book provides a challenge to readers, "To the Reader... All the places mentioned in this book are real. You can visit them. You should visit them!" The first chapter describes a schools and mountain. You can find these on Google Maps. The next chapter says "Coke had been intrigued enough to do a Google search of wingsuit BASE jumping. Go ahead and look it up..." When you look it up, you find video and images of jumpers! As they travel they visit fun places like the "Largest Ball of Twine" in Cawker City, Kansas.

Use Enhanced Books. These enhanced or amplified books show how an original work can be expanded with rich content additions. For instance, Jack Kerouacs On the Road is available as an "amplified edition." Find more at Penguin eBooks.

Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo is an enhanced iBook with video. Learn more at the website and watch the video.

Find Inspiration. A book like The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller will get you motivated. The authors website contains maps, a virtual tour, and character information help you dive into the content.

Get Ready for Transmedia Time. Home: A Ghost Story is an immersive experience that incorporates video, phone calls, text messages, and emails into the story. You become part of the story.

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