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iconInquiry 2: Colonial Life - Then and Now

Click the comic link or comic image on the right to view the graphic version of Colonial Life: Then and Now inquiry. Read the narrative below.

Boy ColonialChad loves to play computer games. He's thrilled to find out that his class will be playing computer games in the school library. He dives into simulations like Brickmaker at the Colonial Williamburg website. Ms. Anderson asks if the children think the computer games are accurate. Is this really the way people worked, dressed and ate in Colonial times?

The children brainstorm questions about the fact and fiction found in the games. Most of the games were animated. Chad asks:

Chad uses books and websites to compare the games with historical references and re-enactments such as the Colonial Williamsburg media page. He adds his ideas to a class bulletin board showing the facts and fiction. He concludes that the games are very accurate.

then and nowFrom spinning wheels to butter churns, Chad is particularly interested in how the objects we use every day have changed since Colonial times. Ms. Anderson asks the children to invent their own game and provides some ideas to get them started. Chad joins a small group that creates a "Then and Now" matching game. His team creates and collects old and new objects such as a candlestick and flashlight to represent then and now.

Update: It's now a year later and Chad is still interested in computer games. However he's also interested in inventions.

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