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Media literacy is being able to critically evaluate media, use media, and produce one's own communication through the use of visual and audio media. "Media Literacy is the ability to decode, analyze, evaluate, and produce communication in a variety of forms" (Definition of the Trent Think Tank on Media Literacy, Ontario, Canada, 1989). Explore various definitions at Digital Literacy.

Media Literacy in Teaching and Learning

Many schools now incorporate media literacy into their curriculum. As a result, a growing number of learning materials are available.

try itExplore PBSKids Don't Buy It website.

ClipWatch Media Smarts: Kids Learn How to Navigate the Multimedia World from Edutopia.


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Center for Media Literacy. One of the best resources on the web for information and resources association with media literacy.**

Just Think. This website focuses on "teaching young people to lead healthy responsible, independent lives in a culture highly impacted by media."

Hobbs, Renee (April 2001). Classroom strategies for exploring realism and authenticity in media message. Reading Online, 4(9).

Kozma, Robert B. (1994). The Influence of Media on Learning: The Debate Continues. SLMQ, 22(4). Great article on the topic of media's impact on learning.

Media Literacy Clearinghouse. This website links to resources related to media literacy and specifically critical thinking about media messages.

Media Literacy Review. This website is no longer active, but contains lots of links to resources and articles.

Multimedia Seeds: Media Literacy and Multimedia Seeds: Media, Children, and Society. Resources used in a college course in audio and video collections.

Utah Media Literacy. Teaching and literacy materials related to media literacy.

Media Literacy Organizations

Action Coalition for Media Education (ACME). Focuses on teaching media education: knowledge, skills and activism.

Alliance for Media Literate America. Organization focusing on media literacy.

Media Awareness Network. This website provides "resources and support for everyone interested in media and information literacy for young people."

New Mexico Media Literacy Project. Organization focusing on media literacy.

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