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Welcome to S557: Marketing for Libraries

What do people want and need from a library?
What services can your library provide?
How can services be connected with the needs of current and potential library users?

entryMarketing is much more than creating attractive displays and updating your Facebook page, it's about meeting the needs of individuals and groups. If library users aren't aware of your resources and services, they're unlikely to visit your physical or virtual library. If they've had a bad experience in the past, they may be sharing this negativity with their friends and colleagues.

Marketing is about understanding the needs and interests of current and potential users, reaching those individuals with quality resources and services, and evaluating the experience so adjustments can be made to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and appeal.

Regardless of whether you're interested in academic, school, public, corporate, health, and/or other special library or information settings, this course is a great elective.

Explore the Course Materials section to read the Syllabus, explore the Calendar, Tips and Checklist, or access the Course Guide. When you're ready to begin, work your way through the course pages listed below:


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