Marketing for Libraries

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Annette Lamb will no longer be teaching or updating this course after May 2022, but the materials will continue to be available.

Marketing is much more than creating attractive displays and updating your Facebook page, it’s about meeting the needs of individuals and groups. If library users aren’t aware of your resources and services, they’re unlikely to visit your physical or virtual library. If they’ve had a bad experience in the past, they may be sharing this negativity with their friends and colleagues.

Marketing is about understanding the needs and interests of current and potential users, reaching those individuals with quality resources and services, and evaluating the experience so adjustments can be made to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and appeal.

Regardless of whether you’re interested in academic, school, public, corporate, health, and/or other special library or information settings, this course is a great elective.

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Lesson 1: Overview: Marketing for Libraries

Lesson 2: Market Audit, Research and the Value of Libraries

Lesson 3: Audience Analysis

Lesson 4: Marketing Segmentation

Lesson 5: Product and Service Identification

Lesson 6: The Market Plan and Cycle

Lesson 7: Promotion

Lesson 8: Message Design, Branding, and the Library’s Story

Lesson 9: Public Relations

Lesson 10: Publicity

Lesson 11: Advertising and Sponsorship

Lesson 12: Working with Consultants

Lesson 13: Community Outreach and Advocacy

Lesson 14: Internal Marketing

Lesson 15: Measuring Impact and the Service Review

Lesson 16: Librarians as Innovators

If you’re interested in the syllabus and course assignments, contact Annette Lamb.