marching antsTechnology in the Classroom:
Math, Science, Health, Computers & Technology

Having trouble hanging on?
Is technology is a burden?
Need to bridge the digital divide?

Increase your confidence and competence in using technology in the classroom. The integration of technology-enhanced communication mathematics, science, health, and computer experiences into the elementary curriculum will be the focus of this hands-on mini-course. The connection between math, science, health, computers and technology will be explored.

This workshop will explore each of the following four areas:

ants at picnicSharing Understandings:
How Technology Impacts Learning


natureTechnology & Place-based Learning:
Where Natural & Virtual Worlds Meet

InquiryPowerful Literacies, Inquiry, and Technology-Enhanced Learning

cowboyTurning Fiascos into Fiestas:
Building Successful, Technology-Rich Inquiry Experiences


Developed by Annette Lamb, 7/06.