Open a Can of Worms:
Integrating Technology into Your Classroom
Annette Lamb
Using technology with your students can be like opening a can of worms. Before you open the can, you need to create a plan. Start with one worm, keep the project small, reflect on your progress, and add one worm at a time.
This workshop will help you develop realistic strategies to create an effective and efficient technology-rich learning enviroment in your classroom. Examine a wide range of technology options (i.e., productivity tools, multimedia, imaging, Internet) and learn to systematically select, manage, and integrate these resources to fit your grade level and content area standards and needs. Classroom management is the key to effective, engaged learning environments. Explore practical, management guidelines for "real-world" technology integration.
In building the learning environment you need to match the learning outcomes, standards, needs, and time with the tools and activities.
Start by exploring your standards:
Classroom Management & Engaged Learning Environments
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Try each of the following activities:

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