sixth grade graphicTechnology-Rich Learning Experiences
for Seventh Graders

The following resources are designed for seventh graders and their teachers.


Language Arts


42explore: Charles Dickens

42explore: Debate

42explore: Fantasy and Science Fiction

42explore: Figurative Language

42explore: Journal Writing

42explore: Literary Criticism

42explore: Mystery

42explore: Mythology

42explore: Oral History

42explore: Poetry

42explore: William Shakespeare

42explore: Skimming and Scanning

42explore: Mark Twain

42explore: Writing

Language Arts

Houghton Mifflin Power Proofreading

Houghton Mifflin Bright Ideas for Writing
Ideas for different types of writing. Print or put on PowerPoint

Houghton Mifflin Grammar Blast
Quizzes for Grade 8 grammar.

Houghton Mifflin Evaluation Station quality website
Great tools for self-evaluating different types of writing such as Opinion Essay, Persuasive Essay, Compare-Contrast Essay, Research Report, Personal Narrative, and Story. Good practice using the web for reading and interaction

Interactive Activities

Art Tales
Tell stories with wildlife art.

Book Adventure
Quizzes based on books

Grid Club Language Arts Games
Lots of interactive games on English concepts.

Great online, story building tool.

Listen and Write Poetry
Explore the Rap Realm, Wonderwords, Simile Satellite, and Free Style.

Naturescapes - Tiered Reading
Building your own with the Video and Image Starter Resources.

Play Magnetic Poetry - regular or kid's poetry
Write poems, submit poems, read poems and evaluate poems

Print and Go from Grid Club
Create a book, story, bookmark, poster, postcard, membership, paper, etc.

ReadWrite Think: Student Materials
Interactive tools that support national language arts standards.

ReadWriteThink: Lesson Plans 6-8

Starters for Narrative, Persuasive, & Expository Writing

The following bullets are K-12 resources. Explore the following resources for writing project ideas:

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Seventh Grade Math

General Resources

42explore: Charts and Graphs

42explore: codes, ciphers, and secret messages

42explore: Geometric Shapes

42explore: Statistics & Probability

42explore: Tessellations

AAA Math - Grade 7

BBC Math Files

Games about numbers, data handling, space & measure, and algebra.

Harcourt Math Games for Grade 6

Houghton Mifflin - Test Prep Practice - Grade 7

The Eigg and the Internet
Math in the news with math questions.

Geometic Shapes and Figures from 42explore

Let's Graph - Grades 5-9

Against All Odds: Statistics

Middle School Math

Middle School Math - Scholastic Math Hunt

Interactive Activities

Cat Math

Cool Math 4 Kids

Create a Graph from NCES

Figure This: Take a Challenge

Grid Club Math Games
Lots of interactive games on math concepts.

Illuminations from NCTM
Many interactive activities to match national math standards.

ReviseWise Maths from BBC
Activities on numbers, data handling, shape, space, measure, and mental math.

Seventh Grade Math! from KidPort

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Seventh Grade Science


Core Curriculum Resources - Grade 7

Grid Club Science Games
Lots of interactive games on science concepts.

Illinois Science Links - Grade 7

Harcourt Science Video Update
Lots of short video clips on a wide range of science topics.

ReviseWise Science from BBC

Seventh Grade Science - North Carolina

Seventh Grade Sci-ber Text

Technology Integration: Seventh Grade Science


42explore: Astronomy

Amazing Space
Lots of activities

Astronomy from Ology at AMNH

Astronomy for Kids

Earth, Sun, Moon from BBC
Games and quiz

Exploring Planets in the Classroom

Geology Tour



NASA Photos

Phases of the Moon WebQuest

Solar System Simulator
See what planets look like from other places

Space Kids

The Space Place

Understanding the Universe

Windows on the Universe

Earth Composition

42explore: EarthQuake

42explore: Mining

42explore: Mountains

42explore: Volcano

42explore: Rocks and Minerals

42explore: Iron and Steel


42explore: Clouds

42explore: EarthQuake

42explore: Fire

42explore: Floods & Flooding

42explore: Glacier

42explore: Hurricane

42explore: Snow

42explore: Soils

42explore: Tornadoes

42explore: Weather

Owlie Skywarn from NOAA

Earth Science - Ecology and Energy

42explore: Electricity

42explore: Global Warming

42explore: Light

42explore: Recycle - Reduce - Reuse

42explore: Wind

Earth Science - Oceanography

42explore: Coral Reefs

42explore: Frogs and Toads

42explore: Penguins

42explore: Polar Regions

42explore: Pond Life

42explore: Rivers

42explore: Sharks

42explore: Tidepools

42explore: Turtles and Tortoises

42explore: Whales and Dolphins


42explore: Dinosaurs

Human Body

Scott Foresman: Human Body
Control systems, drugs, and your body

42explore: Respiratory System

42explore: Skeletal System

42explore: Tobacco, Smoking, & Cessation

42explore: Vitamins and Minerals

Be Real
Drug prevention for kids

Gross and Cool Body

Substance Abuse Links

This Way to My Body

Illinois Standards - Health Resources

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Seventh Grade Social Studies


42explore: Biographies

42explore: Bullying

42explore: Economics

42explore: Money

42explore: Patriotism

American History

42explore: Buffalo Soldiers

42explore: Civil War

42explore: Colonial Life

42explore: Gold Rush

42explore: Historical Maps

42explore: Lewis and Clark

42explore: Old West

42explore: Orphan Trains

42explore: Oregon Trail

42explore: Pioneer Life

42explore: Pony Express

42explore: Native Americans

42explore: Railroads

42explore: Revolutionary War

42explore: Trail of Tears

42explore: Underground Railroad

42explore: Wagons

42explore: War of 1812

Learn about Native Americans


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BBC Schools - Ages 11-16


Getting Students Connected - Grade 7

Grade 7 Curriculum Links for Shrewsbury Public Schools

Middle School Hub


Seventh Grade Skills from Internet4classrooms

Scholastic Activities

Teacher Tap

Teacher Tap: Content Area Websites

Teacher Pages

Mrs. Silverman's Webfolio

Teacher Tap: Teacher and Classroom Pages


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