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Technology Transformations: Digital Tools & Practical Projects that Activate Learning

yogaYou've been there and you've done that... does technology really make a difference? Why bother? Because information fluency and effective technology integration help young people develop a passion for thinking and learning!

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Get FIT!

Whether you're getting physically fit or redefining your use of digital information and technology, it's time to get FIT! From books and videos to websites and virtual environments, this workshop will help you develop a plan for rethinking your use of technology in teaching and learning. We’ll analyze your learning environment to identify effective, efficient, and appealing lessons, tools, and resources to make it REAL (Relevant Engaging Authentic Learning) for today’s digital students. This session will provide dozens of practical, time-saving strategies for integrating technology into your classroom to promote critical and creative thinking across the curriculum. This workshop identifies those aspects of technology that contribute to student achievement and helps you transform traditional lessons into engaging learning experiences. It’s time to skip the fads and get FIT!

Transform Yourself and Your Projects!

Address standards, challenge students, and instill a love of learning in young people through engaging, innovative technology-rich resources and activities that don't take much time, but have high impact across content areas. Help students evaluate, synthesize and apply classroom content to address essential questions using digital scraps, primary sources, photographs, charts, graphs, audio, video, and other multimedia elements to create meaningful and powerful communications using free and low-cost tools. Transform the teaching and learning process!

In this workshop, you'll learn to design standards-based activities that use traditional and emerging software and online tools for addressing essential questions, producing practical projects, sharing student understandings, and applying alternative assessments. With today's digital tools, you don't need to be a expert illustrator, photographer, or videographer to create attractive and powerful digital projects across content areas. Explore innovative approaches to using multimedia tools that don't take much time, but have high impact. In addition, learn new tools for creating motivating projects such as e-scrapbooks, graphic novels, comics, and great media, history, or science fair projects.This workshop will help you explore the possibilities and identify realistic ways to transform your traditional reading, writing, and subject area assignments into dynamic and motivating learning experiences that incorporate visuals, audio, and video elements. Learn about emerging technologies associated with Web 2.0 such as wikis, blogs, podcasts, and video sharing. Also, explore ways to use traditional tools like Microsoft PowerPoint in new ways. Regardless of whether you are a beginner looking for ways to enhance your teaching or an experienced technology-using-educator seeking new ideas and applications, this workshop is for you.

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