Discover Handhelds

by Annette Lamb

palmExplore a variety of handheld devices PDAs, GPSs, and cameras. Learn about practical ways to integrate these devices into the classroom.

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A long time ago, people thought the world was flat and desktop computers ruled. Schools are now discovering a whole new world of technology that includes handheld computers such as Palms and Handsprings, Global Positioning (GPS devices), digitial audio recorders, tiny digital cameras, smart keyboard, calculators, and other small devices. If you wish to see a PDF diagram of all the possibilities, click Handhelds Diagram.

Watch a video! There are many great online videos that talk about the power of handheld computers:

Find a secret location, collaborate on projects, share your results, and beam your homework. These small devices can have a big impact on your classroom by adding a new dimension to accessing and sharing information.

It's not time to toss your desktop computer, but it is time to explore this new world of powerful handheld devices. Right now your toolbox may only one tool, a computer. This explosion of handhelds provides a wealth of new tools to explore. This web project will share the variety of handheld tools and provide practical examples of integrating these devices into the classroom.

Developed by Annette Lamb, 5/02. Updated 1/06.


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