Power of TechnologyI see, I listen, I write, I do... I learn.

Differentiation is about many ways of experiencing and understanding.

Combine a document camera, currency from around the world, and Google Images for an engaging Google Game! Use Google Images searches locate World War II timelines and creature lifecycle diagrams.


Teachers have superpowers! They know what to works in the classroom. However, teachers and students sometimes need more power. The power of technology and the power of differentiation. The power to use all resources and tools effectively to reach each student.

You don't need to look like a superhero. Doctor Who takes many forms.

Let's start with an example. What's the United Kingdom? I could have you read a book on paper ore on a Kindle, read a Wikipedia article, examine a diagram, or watch a video. Each element could help you understand through the power of options, collaborative websites, visuals, and video. What do you prefer? What would students prefer? Which could be used to introduce or reinforce?

The Common Core is being integrated into state standards across America. These new standards focus on learners as thinkers and producers. Students are involved in increasingly complex tasks, reading an array of texts, applying logic and evidence across the curriculum, and using real-world contexts for learning.

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