Use the power of technology to differentiate by reaching multiple learner senses through multimedia experiences.

One of the big benefits of technology is the ability to reach young people through varied channels of communication.

Connect history with music through music videos from History for Music Lovers with songs like Renaissance Man or French Revolution. Make your own!

If you're not into history, you can still find the classics like Conjunction Junction from School House Rock.

If YouTube is filtered, be sure to check the new YouTube Schools.

Keep in mind that you can use tools such as KeepVid to download video clips.

Use tools like Visuwords and Lexipedia as an alternative to traditional print thesaurus.

Teacher's Domain provides a wide range of lessons that incorporate audio, video, animation, and interactives across the curriculum. Seek out interactives and other engaging ways to present information such as Who Comes to the Feeder.

The Inspiring Middle School Literacy project provides dozens of self-paced lessons designed to enhance the literacy skills of struggling readers in grades 5-8.

Besides your own textbook series, also consider the materials provided by other companies. Their interactive materials are often available online for free. For instance, check out the Harcourt School Science Up Close resources on Magnets and Compasses. Glencoe has resources for the high school level such as Time Tips for writing, the History of Theatre timeline, and Professional Interviews related to theatre. While some are available to everyone others require password access, look for those that are freely available.

If you're looking for a specific topic, try doing a Google Search and add the word "interactive" such as rock cycle interactive. You'll find interactives from Learner.org including rock cycle.

Seek transmedia experiences where readers seamlessly move from technology to technology experiencing and participating in the story. You may have heard of some of the following transmedia storytelling experiences:

Infinity Ring is the latest multiplaform book series.

The iPad App Journals by Louise Palanker allows students to read an online journal, but also write in their own diary, ask the the audthor, listen to podcasts, rate the book, and share with others.

Differentiate through technology with multiple modes of communication including text, graphics, audio, video, and tactile.

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