Use the power of technology to differentiate by extending the choices and tools for communication.

Add power to brainstorming topics through the use of technology.

AnswerGarden is a fun way to collect ideas. You post a question or statement to complete such as The circulatory system is like...? and students provide analogies. They can then use the ideas in their writing assignment.

Add power to processing information.

iPad apps such as Storyboarding allow students to visualize the plot, sequencing, setting, and sction of their story.

Google Moderator is a new tool that lets students post questions, create replies, vote. Minecraft is an increasingly popular tool for world building and great for practicing programming. There's a Google Moderator group where you can go to share and see ideas.

Planning and Note-taking Apps

Wallwisher is one of many online tools where you can post a question, link, or resource and students can respond. For instance, after listening to a story at Storyline, students write about a character.

Add power to "exit card" type activities through the use of Google Forms at Google Docs. You can do process checks on forms then group the needs of students. Or, you could ask for student reading activity preferences.

Differentiate through technology with activities that honor preferences, choices, and flexibility.

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