Bonnie is a media specialist and department chair for the Carmel High School Media Center. In her position, she works with two other media specialists and three media managers. Website:

Carmel High School is a four-year comprehensive high school located in the city of Carmel on the northern edge of Indianapolis. It was a national Blue Ribbon School (2004). Carmel High has over 4,100 students in grades nine through twelve. In addition to twelve counselors, three media specialists, three nurses, and eleven administrators, the professional staff at Carmel High School includes 240 classroom teachers. Website of Carmel High School:

Bonnie has 25-years experience in library media service. She is a former President of the Association for Media Educators (AIME) and a former Region III Director and Chair of the Conference Program Committee of the American Association of School Librarians (AASL). She is also an active member of the Indiana Library Federation. Bonnie’s professional service also includes being a frequent presenter at local, state, and national conferences.

In 2003, Bonnie received the AASL / Highsmith Research Grant for her proposed study "Teachers' Perspectives and Influence on Use of Electronic Resources in the High School Media Center" (See articles below). And in 2008, Bonnie received the Peggy L. Pfeiffer Service Award from the Indiana Library Federation's (ILF) Association for Indiana Media Educators (AIME).

Bonnie Grimble’s expertise and interests include:

Online Article:
Grimble, Bonnie, Irwin, Marilyn; and Williams, Teresa D. (Mar/Apr 2005). Teachers' Link to Electronic Resources in the Library Media Center: A Case Study of Awareness, Knowledge, and Influence. Knowledge Quest: 33 (4), 26-9.

Williams, Teresa; Gimble, Bonnie; and Irwin, Marilyn (Oct. 2004). Teachers’ Link to Electronic Resources in the Library Media Center: A Local Study of Awareness, Knowledge, and Influence.

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