Professor Emeritus of Learning and Instruction at the University of Southern California, Dr. Krashen is an expert in the field of linguistics and a specialist on theories of language acquisition and development. He is well-known for his work in establishing a general theory of second language acquisition and as the co-founder of the Natural Approach. In past years his research focused on reading and its effects on language acquisition and academic success. His ideas about the difference between learning and acquisition have strongly influenced the field of ESL/EFL. Stephen Krashen has fought to save whole language and bilingual education in schools. Even more recently, Dr. Krashen has been an advocate of "recreational reading" and better stocked school libraries because of research relating both to higher achievement.

In the video (Below) Stephen Krashen is speaking about comprehensible input and how it takes students to understanding.

You can see and listen to a longer and more recent video clip (length: 10 minutes) of a Stephen Krashen presentation at

Research Interests Include: Literacy, Reading, ESL, Bilingual Education.
An expert in the field of linguistics, Dr. Krashen specializes in theories of language acquisition and development.

Personal Website: Stephen Krashen

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Stephen Krashen Joins Schools Matter

Anthony Cody (Mar. 2010) wrote an interview article titled Stephen Krashen: Children Need Food, Health Care, and Books. Not New Standards and Tests.

Selected Articles & Documents Online:
Krashen, Stephen (Sept. 2006). Free Reading. School Library Journal

Krashen, Stephen. Pithy Tidbits, Writings, and Comments on Reading and School Libraries. (Collection housed at David Loertscher’s website)
For several years, Stephen Krashen has written comments, letters to editors, journal articles, and commentaries on research about reading and school libraries and posted these to the school library community.

Schütz, Ricardo (Aug. 2005). Stephen Krashen's Theory of Second Language Acquisition.

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