Photograph of KuhlthauDr. Kuhlthau is Professor Emerita in the Dept. of Library and Information Science, School of Communication, Information and Library Studies, at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. She was also the Coordinator for the School Library Media Specialization and Director of the Center for International Scholarship in School Libraries (CISSL).

In Seeking Meaning: A Process Approach to Library and Information Services (2nd Ed, 2004), Carol summarizes her research and proposes uncertainty as a principle for redefining library

Research Interest: The user's perspective of the information search process.

Dr. Carol Kuhlthau specializations include information seeking and use, user-centered information services and systems, user education, and school library media services. She is the author of dozens of scholarly papers and books, a frequently invited consultant and lecturer, and active in professional associations. Her awards include the ALA Jesse Shera Award for Outstanding Research (1989), the ACRL Miriam Dudley Instructional Librarian Award (2000) and the LITA Frederick G. Kilgour Award for Research in Library and Information Technology (2002).

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Kuhlthau's model of the Information Search Process (ISP) is based on research into the student's perspective of information seeking. The Humboldt University Library provides the Stages of Kuhlthau's Model.

Information Search Process (ISP) at eduScapes:
The Information Search Process(ISP) is unique because it is based on research. Studies from various disciplines, but particularly writing were used to support her model. Kuhlthau observed the reactions of students, examined strategies such as journaling, case studies, and interviewing, and tracked student progress.

Online Articles & Documents:
Kuhlthau, Carol C.:Heinström, Jannica and Todd, Ross J. (Dec. 2008). The ‘Information Search Process’ Revisited: Is the Model Still Useful? Information Research, 13(4).

Kuhlthau, Carol C. (Feb./Mar. 1999). Accommodating the User's Information Search Process: Challenges for Information Retrieval System Designers. Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science; 25(3).

Student Learning through Ohio School Libraries: The Ohio Research Study, 2004.
The Ohio Educational Library Media Association, in collaboration with Leadership 4 School Libraries, received a Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant from the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) through the State Library of Ohio to undertake a research project on how school libraries help students learn. Dr. Ross Todd and Dr. Carol Kuhlthau conducted the research for this study.

Kuhlthau, Carol (Fall 1989). Information Search Process: A Summary of Research and Implications for School Library Media Programs. School Library Media Quarterly; 18(1).

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