Professor, School of Library and Information Science, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. President, Lamb Learning Group and Vision to Action, Inc.

Known for her realistic approaches to technology integration. In addition to working on state and national-level grant projects, she enjoys spending time with administrators, teachers, and individual school districts and universities working on practical, technology-rich approaches to teaching and learning.

Annette received her Ph.D. in Educational Technology from Iowa State University. Her roots in library, media, and technology are reflected in her passion for interdisciplinary approaches, reading and writing across the curriculum, and using a variety of resources from books to the Internet. Her numerous articles and over a dozen books including Building Treehouses for Learning and Catching the Best of the Web. Her latest coauthored with Daniel Calison isGraphic Inquiry.

This brief video clip (Below) catches Annette after a presentation at the ISTE Conference responding to "What defines a creative school?" That's not the most flattering still image to begin the clip (8-).

Family Webpage:

Website (Developed and maintained by Annette and Larry Johnson):

You can visit materials for workshops and presentations at Activate: The Journal for Technology-Rich Learning at eduScapes. You can also read InfoTech articles by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson in editions of the Teacher Librarian magazine (Each issue since Apr. 2006) (Login to databases at the IUPUI Library to access all of them).

Other Selected Articles , Documents Online:
Lamb, Annette and Johnson, Larry (Jan. 2010). Interactives: Dynamic Learning Environments. School Library Monthly; 26(5).

Lamb, Annette (Dec. 2007). Intellectual Freedom for Youth: Social Technology and Social Networks. Knowledge Quest.

Teclehaimanot, Berhane & Lamb, Annette Lamb (Mar./Apr. 2004). Reading, Technology, and Inquiry-based Learning through Literature-rich WebQuests. International Reading Association: Reading Online; 7(4).

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