Keith Curry Lance was the former Director of the Library Research Service, a unit of the Colorado State Library and the Colorado Department of Education, operated in partnership with the University of Denver. LRS provides library professionals, educators, public officials, and the media with research and statistics about libraries. He also served as an Affiliated Faculty member of the Library and Information Science Program, College of Education, University of Denver.

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Dr. Lance has conducted extensive research into the impact of school libraries on student achievement, and has replicated the results of his research in several states. He has also authored many articles for a variety of publications concerning the importance of school library media centers.

School Library Impact Studies at LRS

See and listen to Keith Curry Lance in the video clip (Below - length 2:11 minutes) speaking about the American Association of School Librarians' School Libraries Count! survey (2007).

Interview Articles Online:
Achtermann, Doug (Oct. 2007). The Sower: Interview with Keith Curry Lance. School LIbrary Journal.

Callison, Daniel (2005). Enough Already?: Blazing New Trails for School Library Research: An Interview with Keith Curry Lance. School Library Media Research.

Selected Articles / Documents Online:
Lance, Keith Curry (2002). The Importance of School Libraries (PDF). White House Conference on School Libraries.

Lance, Keith Curry (2002). What Research Tells Us About the Importance of School Libraries. White House Conference on School Libraries.

Selected Book:
Lance, Keith Curry & Loertscher (2003). Powering Achievement: School Library Media Programs Make the Difference – The Evidence (2nd Ed.). Linworth Publishing.

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