Prior to devoting himself to full time speaking and writing in 1997, Jamie was the Director of Libraries, Media and Technology for the Bellingham (WA) Public Schools. He has spported technology efforts in schools across North America, Australia, and New Zealand. He has also worked on technology planning with state education departments.

In 1995 Jamie developed the Reaseach Cycle model to meet the needs of students working on essential questions in their school research.

Jamie also writes and publishes poetry.

Personal Webpage:

Jamie McKenzie page at American Program Bureau

Websites edited/published by Jamie McKenzie:

You can view a video clip of Jamie responding to a question about students and Internet security / responsibility (Length 2:51 minutes).

Articles & Documents Online:
Brown, Melissa Burgos (2002). Avoiding the Screen Savers Disease (Interview of Jamie McKenzie).
Jamie McKenzie talks about keeping your focus on the students when technology planning. That means investing in staff development so that your computers don't go to waste.

McKenzie, Jamie (Mar. 2003). Just in Time Technology. Edtechnot (Blog).
Article is an excerpt from ‘s most recent book, Just in Time Technology: Doing Better with Fewer (FNO Press, 2002). In this book he argues that it makes sense to have just enough technology (just in time) to get the job done.

McKenzie, Jamie (Jan. 2000). The New Library in the Wired School. From Now On: The Educational Technology Journal.

McKenzie, Jamie (1997, 2000). Module Maker.
This Module Maker will show you how to build your own online research modules that will challenge your students to make up their own minds while supplying them with rich information to support such thinking.
Related Web Activity:
Making Good Lessons Quickly

Selected Book:
McKenzie, Jamie (2000). Beyond Technology: Questioning, Research, and the Information Literate School. The Twiggs Company.

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