Photo of Rob CoxRob Cox is in his second year as a school media specialist in Fortville, Indiana. He works at both Mount Vernon Elementary (K-4) and Mount Vernon Intermediate Schools (5-6). He rotates between the two buildings, spending a full day at one and then the next day at the other.

Rob received his MLS from IUPUI in August of 2003. He previously worked as a library assistant in two different elementary schools in Noblesville, for a total of about 4 years. He worked for Kristi Boyd and Carroll Hopp at White River Elementary and Hazel Dell Elementary, respectively. Prior to becoming a library assistant, he worked for nearly 12 years as a mechanical engineer.

Rob completed his student teaching at Carmel High School with Bonnie Grimble and at Cherry Tree Elementary with Nancy Hettlinger. As a SLMS who recently entered the field, Rob can share what it is like to start working as a media specialist, the challenges of working at two buildings, and update you with his perspectives on how his second year is going . . .

Website of Mount Vernon Elementary School
Mount Vernon Elementary School Media Center

Website of Mount Vernon Intermediate School
Mount Vernon Intermediate School Media Center

Rob also blogged with last year's L553 class, teaming with colleague Dana Hochstedler. You can see those interactions here on the schedule: Nov. 17 to Saturday, Nov. 19, 2005.

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