Theory into Practice: Pre-service SLMS's can draw on the experiences and expertise of practicing school library media specialists working in the schools.

Thousands of teacher librarians are doing wonderful work with students, teachers, administrators, and their school communities. Several school library media specialists have agreed to interact with students during the semester. This communication will be completed at the course Blog site: S671 Blog - SLMS Bridging Theory and Practice

The people listed below have agreed to participate as a "virtual" expert and interact with students. They will answer questions, provide ideas and examples, and share their knowledge and expertise during the scheduled 3-day sessions. These volunteer participants have been asked to monitor the blog site a few times for the scheduled days; some may only be able to schedule this after school or early in the morning. They are all very busy teacher librarians and will fit it to their schedule.

Interactions can be relaxed and casual, conversational in manner. These volunteer participants are willing to share a wealth of experience, successes and perhaps a disappointment or two in administering school library media programs. The list of virtual experts for this year's blog interactions have shaped-up to be another prestigious group:

These people have a wealth of experiences and successes in administering strong school library media programs. Look over the brief introduction and compose your initial questions based upon their interests and backgrounds. You are required to interact with at least three different people and to summarize those interchanges. But you are not limited to only that number. Engage each of your experts in more than a one question - one answer discussion. Make your interactions with the expert guests as meaningful as possible. Extend your conversations to gain more depth and richer understandings. You have access to 'pick these people's brains,' so make the best of these opportunities.

The links below provide historical information for school library media professionals that participated during previous semesters (may return in future years). All were wonderful guests and resource persons for previous classes; their interactions are archived and available to anyone at the blog site: S671 Blog - Bridging Theory and Practice.

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