Photograph of Ruth SmallRuth V. Small is the Laura J. & L. Douglas Meredith Professor in the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. She is She is the founding Director of the Center for Digital Literacy and Director of the iSchool's school media program.

In 1996, "Dr. Ruth" recieved the School of Information Studies Professor of the Year. She was also awarded, Teacher of the Year from the Syracuse University Alumni Association and, in 2006, the prestigious Meredith Professorship for Teaching Excellence.

Ruth has formerly worked as a college administrator, high school principal, librarian, teacher, and instructional design and evaluation consultant.

Research Interest: Motivational aspects of information presentation and use.

Personal Webpage:



This video clip (Below) features Ruth Small speaking on the topic: What Motivates You as a Scholar? (Length 0:42 minutes).

Article & Documents Online:
Small, Ruth V.; Snyder, Jaime; and Parker, Katie. The Impact of New York’s School Libraries on Student Achievement and Motivation: vol 12 Phase I  (2009), vol. 12 Phase II (2009), vol 13 Phase III (2010) . School Library Media Research.

Small, Ruth (June 2002). Collaboration: Where Does It Begin? (Access requires login). Teacher Librarian; 29(5), 8-11.

Small, Ruth (Mar. 2002). Developing a Collaborative Culture. School Library Media Research.
Collaboration with teachers is crucial to ensuring students learn to evaluate information.

Small, Ruth (2000). Block Scheduling. School Library Media Research.

Small, Ruth (2000). The Teaching Role: Are Librarians Teachers? School Library Media Research.

Selected Books:
Small, Ruth (2005). Designing Digital Literacy Programs with IM-PACT: Information Motivation, Purpose, Audience, Content, Technique. Neal Schuman.
Design information literacy lessons that will motivate you and your students.

Small, Ruth & Arnone, Marilyn (2000). Turning Kids on to Research: The Power of Motivation. Libraries Unlimited, 2000.
Motivate and inspire your students as you teach them valuable information skills with dozens of quick, easy-to-apply techniques for planning, improving, and enhancing information skills lessons.
Online Review:
Gray, Ann (Jan. Feb. 2001). KQ on the Web Review of Turning Kids on to Research (PDF). Knowledge Quest.

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