Audio & Video Sources

Audio and Video Sources

Annette Lamb will no longer be teaching or updating this course after May 2022, but the materials will continue to be available.

Whether you’re planning to specialize in audio, video, and interactive collections or simply want to be an effective librarian in any setting, this course will provide skills in collection development, management, production, and use.

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To simply enjoy the lessons, use the links below:

Module 1: Overview
Lesson 1: Overview

Module 2: Resources
Lesson 2: Resources: Audio
Lesson 3: Resources: Video
Lesson 4: Resources: Interactive Media

Module 3: Collections
Lesson 5: Collections: Humanities, Social Sciences, & Business
Lesson 6: Collections: STEM

Module 4: Management
Lesson 7: Management: Building and Selecting Sources
Lesson 8: Management: Acquiring and Managing Sources

Module 5: Production
Lesson 9: Production: Original Productions
Lesson 10: Production: Makerspaces & User Productions
Lesson 11: Production: Planning to Disseminating

Module 6: Use
Lesson 12: Use: Advisory Services & Media Literacy
Lesson 13: Use: Audio, Video & Interactive Media
Lesson 14: Book Connections

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