Heritage of Dairy, Milk & Cheese to be Focus of Next Community Dinner

Held on Wednesday February 20 at 6PM at the WCCC in Bicknell, the next community dinner will focus on our heritage of dairy, milk and cheese. Pioneers brought both dairy cattle and goats to the county in the late 19th century. Many pioneer families spent summers in area mountains at cheese camps. Later, local creamery companies produced milk, butter, cheese, and ice cream for sale across the county and beyond. The Circle Cliff Dairy won several ice cream awards over the decades. Today, dairy cattle farming continues in Wayne County.

Interest in dairy goats is on the rise. Randy Ramsley, owner of Mesa Farm Market in Caineville has become well-known for his artisan cheeses made with fresh goat milk. Bob and Dianna Poulton of Torrey raise goats along with other farm animals and offer experiential farm tours for visitors.

If you’re planning to attend the community dinner, please call the USU Extension/4-H Office at 435-836-1312.

To share your historical photos or stories related to the dairy theme, go to Facebook or contact Project Director Annette Lamb at info@entradainstitute.org or call 435-425-3415. This project is made possible through a generous grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Entrada Institute. Also, thanks to our co-sponsor USU Extension. LIKE us at facebook.com/sparkinghumanities. – Annette Lamb, The Entrada Institute

Photo: Cheesemaker Royal Harward in front of his county fair cheese float (1940s). Photo Courtesy of Carol Harward Williams.

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