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Student Work Areas

Student information scientists need work areas that meet their information inquiry needs. Areas are needed to spread out resources, organize materials, and products. Some activities require electrical outlets near tables, while other assignments need large open spaces on the floor.

Instructional specialists carefully design student work areas to accommodate these varied needs and activities.

The following examples demonstrate how student work areas facilitate the learning experiences of the student information scientist.

Solar Solutions

teenSabrina is working with a small group on a project for her Environmental Studies class. Her group needs access to Internet, so they gather in the wireless laptop cluster area of the media center. These tables have lots of room to spread out and they also have electrical outlets in case they need to plug in computers. While a couple members of the group are working on charts, signs, and other materials for their presentation, others are using the laptops to finish up their research.

Explore Sabrina's investigation for more detail.

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