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artInviting Environment

The learning laboratory is an inviting and exciting place to work. With interesting wall coverings, well-maintained furnishings and contemporary themes, this attractive environment is welcoming to all learners.

Consider opening an IMC Cafe (examples).

Students are active participants in creating this stimulating atmosphere. The walls, displays, bookcases, and even ceilings are filled with student-created products.

dinosaurflower pen


Learners work collaboratively on projects that enrich the entire student population as well as the local community.

The following example demonstrates how an inviting environment facilitates the learning experiences of the student information scientist.

girl and muralMurals

Vanessa has been studying what she likes best about the murals she's seen such as the use of color, lines, shadows, and subjects. She has joined a group of children who are creating ceiling tiles representing their favorite book characters. The media specialist suggests that she share what she's learned about murals with the group as part of their ceiling tile project.

They looked at some examples of ceiling tiles from a school in Huntsville, Alabama for ideas:

black beautyHarry Potter

Explore Vanessa's investigation for more detail.

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