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Project and Problem-based Learning

Project-based learning blends traditional subject-matter goals and objectives with authentic learning environments. Project-based learning is an approach to learning focusing on developing a product or creation. The project may or may not be student-centered, problem-based, or inquiry-based.

Problem-based Learning

titanicProblem-based Learning is an approach to learning focusing on the process of solving a problem and acquiring knowledge. The approach is also inquiry-based when students are active in creating the problem.

According to John Barell (1995), problem-based learning contains the following elements:

In the chapter Empowered Learning in Curriculum Connections through the Library edited by Stripling and Hughes-Hassell, Violet H. Harada (2003, p. 57) identified steps in designing problem-based learning experiences with teachers:

  1. Identify the thinking processes inherent in the content standards and in information literacy.
  2. Offer to write up the unit plans that result from collaborative planning. Documentation is an important part of the process.
  3. Work with teachers to extend learning communities.

eye means readRead Profile of a Problem-based Project - Elementary and Secondary (PDF) by Violet H. Harada in Empowered Learning in Curriculum Connections through the Library edited by Stripling and Hughes-Hassell

Project-based Learning

The project-based approach provides a meaningful direction, the problem-based approach brings meaning for students, the inquiry approach helps students become more aware of their environment, and the multiple intelligences address individual needs and interests. The WebQuest environment combines these ideas together into a meaningful project. Explore these approaches as background for developing effective information skills activities.

try itExplore the Titanic in the Classroom project. This is a wonderful example of project-based learning.

try itExplore Teacher Tap: Project, Problem, and Inquiry-based Learning.

video clipView Integrated Project-based Learning (1:18).

In this video, a teacher discusses the value of an integrated, project-based approach to learning. The importance of linking facts and ideas to a meaningful project such as a Medieval event is stressed. - Excerpt from “SOAR: A Reading Collaboration” by IU Ed Services

Use of this video clip complies with the TEACH act and US copyright law. You should be a registered student to view the video.

eye means readRead Key Word: Project-based and Social Action Learning in THE BLUE BOOK by Callison and Preddy, 496-501.

Key Words

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